How to Select a Retirement Home or Protected Residence Without Falling into a Trap, and why it is Critical to be Guided by a Professional Consultant when Selecting a Retirement Home/Protected Residence

Selecting a Retirement Home or Protected Residence Without Falling into a Trap | 2024

Incidentally – the Consultation is Free of Charge

We must understand that any wrong choice of a retirement home or protected residence for the Golden Age could lead to disastrous results.  An elderly person is not a youngster who can go from one retirement home to another in order to see how good it is for him, and the like.  Often a wrong choice can shorten a person's life – and that is no exaggeration.  The transition has many emotional and physical implications and therefore it is no coincidence that there is a special occupation known as a "Golden Age Consultant".

Indeed, there are consultants who are not professionals – from all kinds of private persons who are trying to make easy money as "retirement home agents" all the way to corporations who allow amateur telephone operators to give advice on such a critical subject, who don't even take the trouble to personally accompany the elderly person and his family to the retirement home or the protected residence.

But the advice and accompaniment of a professional consultant constitutes an enormous advantage as well as reducing the monthly costs charged by the retirement homes and the protected residences for the elderly person and his family for many years to come.

?Who is the Ideal Professional Consultant for the Golden Age

1. He has in-depth familiarity with hundreds of retirement homes and protected residences all over the country.

A professional consultant makes regular monthly visits to dozens of retirement homes and protected residences.

These visits enable him to acquire in-depth familiarity with the variety of institutions available in Israel, and to select the best and most suitable for you.

Families are unable to inspect so many institutes, and therefore they are unqualified to make a good comparison.

Mr. Danhai David regularly completes detailed reports on everything taking place in retirement homes and protected residences all over the country.  He has in his possession very detailed, in-depth and, most importantly, up-to-date information on over 400 institutions existing in Israel.

2. He is aware of many aspects connected with the selection of the most suitable institution that are unavailable to the average person.

The professional consultant has an academic education and vast experience in the field, therefore he is aware of many aspects which much be considered when selecting an institution.

The majority of families do not possess that kind of experience, and they lack a great deal of information that is crucial for making the correct choice.

Often, an institution that appears appropriate is in fact very unsuitable, and sometimes an institution that does not look so perfect is actually the best choice.

Mr. Danhai David was a former employee of the Prime Minister's Office for over 30 years, in the course of which he served in Israel and abroad in a variety of positions, including positions of management, command, coordination, supervision and control among the various government ministries. In addition he has an official certificate qualifying him to manage retirement homes, he possesses vast experience in the field and even served as Director of a public non-profit organization for the guardianship and care of protégés.

3. He has many sources of information concerning the quality of the institution.

The professional consultant has a range of sources of information concerning the quality of the institution:  he obtains feedback from current residents and other clients and he has continuous contact with entities in the welfare authorities, the community, etc.  These sources of information enable him to obtain a multi-faceted image of the institution that is most suitable for you.

The majority of families are forced to rely on individual recommendations from friends and acquaintances who are not always aware of the full picture.

In light of his experience from his many years in the Prime Minister's office, which included positions of security and professional investigations, etc., Danhai David possesses a very sharp eye and is expert at exposing internal and up-to-date information on the various retirement homes and protected residences in Israel.

The information he provides those who apply to him is invaluable!

4. He has broad and ramified contacts at all bureaucratic levels.

The professional consultant has vast experience and ramified contacts at bureaucratic levels (which, unfortunately, are many!..) regarding the care of the elderly, placing him in the appropriate institution, finding the best method of financing, etc.

In the present reality in Israel, this experience is of great importance in accelerating the process vis-à-vis the authorities, in order to obtain the best and most immediate care for the elderly person.

The majority of families have no experience in this field and they have no contacts in the various authorities, and therefore progress is often very slow and imperfect, and the families sometimes fail to obtain rights and monies due to them and to the elderly person.

In light of his many years in the Prime Minister's Office and subsequently as Director of a public non-profit organization for the guardianship and care of protégés, as well as in the field of consulting for the Golden Age, Danhai David has very many contacts in the right places.

5. He has the ability to significantly reduce monthly costs.

Since the professional consultant has connections with many institutions, the managers of the retirement homes and the protected residences have an interest in meeting his requirements half-way, since he is perceived by the various institutions as an external factor who should be encouraged to send more and more people to their particular institution and not to others.

In addition, the professional consultant has personal contacts (and often real friendships) with retirement homes all over the country.  Again, this is something that is of great assistance in reducing costs, and it also helps to obtain internal information on every retirement home.

Even a reduction of NIS 500-1,000 in monthly costs to the elderly person and his/her family amounts to an annual discount ranging from NIS 6,000 to NIS 12,000!!

In view of his many years of extensive expertise in the Prime Minister's Office in positions of management and international negotiations, Danhai David has all the ability and skills to reduce the costs charged by the institutions of various kinds.  Furthermore, over the years he has created in-depth connections with the managers of many of the retirement homes and protected residences in Israel.

6. He has a profound understanding of the extensive financing system of the government authorities, exploiting it in favor of the elderly person.

Based on his vast experience and profound familiarity with the various authorities and bureaucratic processes, he saves the elderly person and his family a great deal of money (which can often amount to tens of thousands of shekels a year) by means of correct and accurate counseling for finding the permitted and legal ways of obtaining the maximum financing due to them from the State.  He thus helps to reduce costs significantly in favor of the elderly person and his family.

Danhai David is very experienced in all the mysteries of the law (he also advises other experts in the field).  He will instruct you personally, and very precisely, how to obtain the maximum financing for you.

Failing to take advantage of such counseling is equivalent to giving up a great deal of money that could be yours.

7. He possesses a profound understanding of issues connected with guardianship and protégés

A professional consultant who is expert in the ins and outs of the laws connected with guardianship and protégés is at an enormous advantage.   Most often the elderly and feeble require a guardian at one stage or another.  If it is done incorrectly, the elderly person and his family might lose a great deal of money.  The maze of bureaucracy and the complex laws on this subject cause many consultants not to enter this complex and complicated field, but a professional consultant who has in-depth knowledge of the field can prevent and avert many kinds of family and economic damage.

Incorrect conduct regarding this subject is almost irreversible, and it is a great shame to take action when one does not understand what hides behind them.

Danhai David served as Director of a public non-profit organization for the guardianship and care of protégés and is expert in all aspects of the law (he advises attorneys on a regular basis, and so on).  Here also his guidance is very valuable.

He will guide you personally and very precisely on two levels:  one to prevent severe economic damage to the elderly person and his family, and the other to prevent emotional damage and critical errors that one simply does not think about beforehand, and subsequently cannot be rectified.

8. He does not charge the elderly person and his family any payment for his services.

The consultant gets paid by means of an overall arrangement with all retirement homes and protected residences in Israel.  In this way, where he has no personal interest to prefer one retirement home over another, a situation is created where the consultant has nothing in mind but pertinent considerations – the good of the elderly person and his family.

The most untalked-about but most important advantage:  prevention of emotional pressure and responsibility!!

Many families experience feelings of guilt, anger, much tension and emotional pressure due to the need to move to the retirement home or the protected residence.  To that is added the fact that not one of the family members can really be 100% sure that he knows the place that will be most suitable for both the elderly person and the family.

Often the family gets a wonderful impression from a particular institution and registers its loved one in it without consulting a professional (based on "gut feeling" and other emotional motives).  Then, only after the elderly person has already acclimatized it suddenly turns out that the retirement home is going through an upheaval and that the manager has suddenly decided to leave due to his conflicts with the owners of the home, the new manager is a "rookie" and does not know much about human relations, the whole nursing team is becoming careless, and you can never know when normal order will be restored.   Of course, the first to suffer are the elderly persons.

One telephone call would have saved all the distress – that is the real pity!!

Sometimes, the damage caused to the elderly person due to a mistake in selecting a retirement home causes him to leave the place and makes him unwilling to go anywhere else even if it endangers his life.  There have been some severe cases but we will not go into them here.

The bottom line is that a family who undergoes the process accompanied by a professional consultant saves itself and its loved ones a lot of distress, heartache, hard feelings, disputes among family members, a great deal of money that would have been unnecessarily expended and unneeded harassment.

In addition, a family who applies to a professional consultant (in particular!) can rest assured and not feel the feelings of guilt that accompany the whole process, since it has truly done everything required to the best possible effect.

Often the natural desire to be independent and "clever" without consulting professionals causes much irreversible damage which can sometimes end in disaster for the elderly person and his family.

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This is what people are saying

Nov 4, 2014

Dear David,  I would like to express my gratitude to all you did for my mother.  Your Professional guidance and support at every step of the process was a life saver for us.
The highlight of course was identifying the perfect place that met her specific needs, was a result of knowledge, experience and a great observing and listening skills.

Before we first met, we really didn't expect anybody to walk us through this maze of  medical obstacles along with administrative challenges and be so dedicated: you ended up doing everything for us:handling the hospitals, the rehab hospital, the nursing home before you selected the place and you kept following up with us and the nursing homes.
David, you didn't only help in difficult times, you provided us with the support and guidance – you diagnosed my mother and  gave her a new life!!

  She is so much better now and this letter is not able to express enough all what you did.

Thank you,
Moshe Kirsh